“Céline Faty has this big smile, it’s so infectious, you just can’t help but relax and smile too. She makes you feel so at ease right away, even an uptight and anxious editor like me. Celine came to my office to show me how to present myself and my company online. I had no idea so I thought she would have a tough job. But no, she quickly found in me what inspires me and what I really want and very gently and directly she brought me out of myself so I could begin to talk in front of a camera, then in front of a room full of people. She boosted my confidence by advising how to breathe, to use the voice I do have, not making anything too complicated to handle. And we laughed a lot. It was not only confidence building, and informative and a development that has become so vital for my promotional plans, but the whole process was such Fun! Celine has an expert eye for fashion and is brilliant at creating the whole makeover as well. And to my amazement, it only took her a few sessions to set me on my way with confidence that I can do this! I so recommend Celine as visibility and branding coach. She is the best. She showed me how I can say with pleasure, that I’m Annemarie Skjold Jensen and I own the only English publisher in the Shakespearean city of Elsinore. This is my story, do yourself a favor and let Celine guide you to yours.”

Annemarie Skjold JensenOwner of Whyte tracks & Mill House publishers - Helsingor

“As a new entrepreneur, I needed a coach like Céline. Using Céline’s methods and exercises allowed me to truly step out of my comfort zone and tame the internal dialogue that was always saying, “Not yet”. She’s warm and personable and was able to identify the cause or in my case, causes for not living my authentic life. I’m grateful that she took on a newbie like me and showed me how to open myself up and acknowledge the power and beauty I hold within. In 5 sessions I was well on my way to achieving that professional work-life balance I’ve always craved and with a new confidence in not just knowing but believing that I can.”

Sondra Duckert"User Experience Designer" Owner of Sondra Duckert Consulting - Denmark